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Updated 22 May, 2017, 10:10 am IST

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Crompton DAC-452

Crompton DAC-452


Cooler Design: Compact

Water Tank Capacity: 45 Litres

Water Level Indicator

Cooling Medium: Wood Wool Pads


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Summary of Crompton DAC-452 

Adorn your living room with the Crompton Greaves Room Cooler DAC-452 and you will not complain about summer. The Crompton room cooler has large 45 litre tank capacity so that you can enjoy uninterrupted cool breeze throughout the   Read more

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Type Of Machine

Water Tank Features

Air Features

Cooling Medium  Wood Wool Pads
Air Delivery (M3/Hr)  330
Speed Control  3 Speed

Exterior Features

Material of Body  ABS Plastic

More Features

Other Features  Corrosion free ABS Fan Inside
- Cool and Fan Option
- Swing Motor

After Sales Service

Warranty Period  1 Year

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