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Updated 24 May, 2017, 11:00 pm IST

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Kenstar-Little Cooler (KCR12W3H)

Kenstar Little Cooler (KCR12W3H)
Kenstar Little Cooler (KCR12W3H)

Kenstar Little Cooler (KCR12W3H)


Cooler Design: Compact

Water Tank Capacity: 12 Litres

Water Level Indicator

Cooling Area: 108 Sq.Ft.


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Summary of Kenstar Little Cooler (KCR12W3H) 

Kenstar little cooler DX CP 0118H is a room with 12 Sq. Mtr. Cooling capacity It features honey comb technology with a 12 litres water tank. It becomes with high impact resistant ABS plastic body. This Kensar air cooler is...  Read more

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Type Of Machine

Cooler Design  Compact
Climatic Condition Suitability  Arid & Coastal

Air Features

Cooling Medium  Honey Comb Pads
Cooling Area  (Sq.Ft.) 108
Air Delivery (M3/Hr)  750
Air Deflection System  4 Way
Speed Control  3 Speed

Exterior Features

Material of Body  ABS Plastic
Colours Available  Off White


Width  (mm) 460
Depth  (mm) 340
Height  (mm) 660
Weight  11.5

More Features

Other Features  Corrosion-free
- Remote Support
- Trolley Support

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