Samsung Samsung MW73AD-B Category: Microwave Ovens Product #: 294722 4 stars, based on 1 reviews

Updated 27 Sep, 2016, 11:20 pm IST

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Samsung MW73AD-B
Samsung MW73AD-B
Samsung MW73AD-B
Samsung MW73AD-B

Samsung MW73AD-B


Microwave Capacity: 20 Litres

Control Type: Membrane

Cavity Type: White Epoxy

Auto Cook Menu


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Summary of Samsung MW73AD-B 

Sense of Style is Extending: The door screen is wide and the white exterior is simple. This combition is styling the minimal look. Moreover, the blue LCD panel adds fashionability. Push & Save: Eco Button enables you to save...  Read more

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Main Features

Microwave Capacity  (Litres) 20
Type  Microwave with Solo
Cavity Type  White Epoxy
Auto Cook Menu 
Control Type  Membrane

Power Requirement

Power Output  (Watts) 800
Power Consumption for Microwave  (Watts) 1150


Dimensions (W x D x H)  (mm) 485 x 320 x 275 mm
Approximate Net Weight  (Kgs) 10.5Kg

More Features

Other Features  Sense of Style is Extending
- Push & Save
- From Frozen to Fresh In no Time
- Fit for Any Kitchen Space
- No Corner, No Dirt
- Triple Distribution System

After Sales Service

Warranty Period  1 Year

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