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Updated 26 Sep, 2016, 11:20 pm IST

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Godrej GWS 6203 PPD

Godrej GWS 6203 PPD


Wash Capacity: 6.2 Kg

Loading Type: Top

Number of Wash Programmes: 2


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Summary of Godrej GWS 6203 PPD 

This top loading washing machine renders washing clothes easier than ever. It saves water as well as energy, saving you money in return. It also makes drying clothes fast and easy. It has complete electronic controls so you can...  Read more

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Main Features

Wash Capacity  (Kg) 6.2
Type of Washing Machine  Semi Automatic
Loading Type  Top
Wash Method  Optima Water Force

Cycle Options/ Programmes

Other Features


Dimensions (W x D x H)  (mm) 760 x 445 x 905

More Features

Other Features  Rust Proof Poly Propylene Body
- Powerful 380 W Motor
- Transparent Lids
- Active Soak
- End of Cycle Buzzer

After Sales Service

Warranty Period  2 Years

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