Plextor PX-256M2SPlextor PX-256M2S

Plextor PX-256M2S

  • Capacity: 256GB
  • Solid State: Yes
  • 2.5 inch: Yes
  • Serial ATA (SATA): SATA 6Gb
  • Size (Cache): 128MB

₹ 27,500/- onwards

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Summary of Plextor PX-256M2S

Supports the all-new SATA 6Gb/s Interface: Supports the latest SATA 6Gb/s transfer interface, which allows the transfer of large amounts of data quickly, with sequential read speed up to 480MB/s. Users can read and transfer data in the shortest time possible, and improve work efficiency!. NCQ Optimized HD Reading Mechanism: Boasts NCQ to support the most advanced computing systems. After activating NCQ, users will notice obvious improvements in performance with faster computer loading and data transfers. Instant Restore: Unique “Instant Restore” function - After continuous SSD use, data transfer performance remains “new” despite being in a “dirty state”, overcoming the problem of slower performance after prolonged usage. Server Grade (Marvell) Control Chip: Boasting a server-grade “Marvell 88SS9174” control chip, currently the industry’s most advanced control chip. This chip supports the latest SATA 6Gb/s functions, similar to those used in central processors, thus providing users with the best read/write performance, increasing product lifespan, enhancing data security and stability, and giving you world-class performance! Support TRIM command: Supports the latest “Windows TRIM command”, providing more efficient data wipe-out methods, to overcome the common SSD problem of slower data processing times after long-term usage. Coupled with Plextor’s unique “Instant Restore” function, users can expect more stable performance than from any other brand! 128MB DDR3 Cache Buffer: Boasts a 128MB DDR3 cache serving as a temporal storage buffer, the DDR3 high-speed transfer interface will reduce seek/read/write time of flash memory so that data is transferred more quickly. The large-capacity temporal storage space reduces the possibility of frequently-modified data entering the flash memory system, which prolongs product lifespan. 128MB DDR3 cache buffer also stabilizes SSD for more powerful computing performance! Dynamic Wear Leveling: “Dynamic Wear Leveling” uses the most efficient data allocation method so that data is written into various memory blocks equally. This reduces the number of memory wipe-outs and increases SSD product life span, ensuring that SSD speed does not slow down after long-term usage.



Capacity 256GB

Form Factor

2.5 inch Yes




Size (Cache) 128MB
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