Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Total SENSAEureka Forbes Aquaguard Total SENSA

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Total SENSA

  • Type of Water Purifier: Storage Type
  • Storage Capacity: 9.5 Litres
  • Number of Purification Stages: 8 Stages
  • Reverse Osmosis: Yes
  • Power Required: Yes, 40 Watts

₹ 18,888/- onwards

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Summary of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Total SENSA

The Aquaguard Total Sensa is the world\'s only purifier equipped with E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies that can purifies any kind of water. No matter where you live. It\'s patented BluG technology senses the quality of water. Then auto selects the best purification technology to purify your water. SMP+ ensures that the TDS level in your water is constant and gives you the triple benefit of sweetness, minerals and purity. Giving you water that\'s perfectly balanced, with the right amount of minerals and salts. SMP+ Technology This unique technology ensures the TDS level in your water is constant, so that you get water that\'s sweet + helps maintain a healthy balance of natural minerals + promises 100% pure water. Thus, giving you the triple benefit of sweetness, minerals and purity. BLu G Technology The patented Intelligent BluG senses the quality of water and auto selects the best water purification technology that should be used. This ensures pure, perfectly balanced water. UF Technology The Sensa is equipped with revolutionary UF Technology. A Capillary tube based technology that not only guarantees drinking water that\'s pure & safe, but crystal clear and tasty too. Intell E-boiling + World renowned UV purification process eliminates disease causing bacteria, virus including cysts, ensuring that every drop of water is as safe and pure as water boiled for 20 mins. Electronic MLE prevents the accumulation of dissolved salts, like calcium and magnesium thereby, enhancing the life of the membrane and improving water flow. Water Flow Sensor The water flow sensor monitors the flow of water during the filtration stage. If the desired flow of water is not met, the sensor refrains from switching on the purifier ensuring that your purifier is protected. Water Level Sensor The water level sensor maintains the level of water in the tank making sure that you always have pure and safe drinking water exactly when you need it. RO Membrane The TFC membrane reduces excess TDS, hardness, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, Protozoa, cysts and viruses, making sure that every drop of water is pure, fresh and sweet. Pre and Post Activated Carbon Cartridge Removes excess chlorine, organic impurities and revives the original taste of water. Double filtration cartridges This ensures that the water is free from suspended impurities, dust, dirt etc. Unique Illuminated front panel Gives a designer look to your product and allows you to fill water in darkness too.


Machine Features

Type of Water Purifier Storage Type
Storage Capacity 9.5 Litres

Methods of Purification

Number of Purification Stages 8 Stages
Filter Cartridges Particulate Filter, Clarity Cartridge, Pre Active Silver Carbon Cartridge, Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer, RO Membrane, Post Active Silver Carbon Cartridge, Ultra Filtration Cartridge, UV Purification System
Pre-Filter Purification Yes
Reverse Osmosis Yes
Ultra Violet (UV) Yes

Exterior Features

Power Requirement

Power Required Yes, 40 Watts
Input Voltage 230 V AC / 50Hz
Input Water Pressure 0.6-2 kg/sq cm, if input water pressure is more than 2 kg/sq cm, install PRV before the unit
Input Water Temperature Min. 5 Celcius & Max. 45 Celcius


Dimensions (W x D x H) 344x322x473
Weight 12.26

More Features

Other Features SMP+ Technology
-BLu G Technology
-UF Technology
-Intell E-boiling +
-Electronic MLE
-Water Flow Sensor
-Water Level Sensor
-Double Filtration Cartridges
-Unique Illuminated Front Panel

After Sales Service

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