• Type of Water Purifier: Storage Type
  • Storage Capacity: 8 Litres
  • Number of Purification Stages: 7 Stages
  • Reverse Osmosis: Yes
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 365x295x500

₹ 22,399/- onwards

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Summary of LG WAW53JW2RP

Generally, source water is purified through filter system at the first stage, but the purified water inside the normal water storage tank can be gone bad due to proliferation of microorganism such as bacteria, algae etc during long term storage. LG special stainless steel water tank keeps down proliferation of algae due to it’s anti-bacterial effect. It minimizes the growing of bio film more than 90% in comparison with the conventional storage because of it’s bio film resistance action. Anti-bacterial component such as Cu is contained inside LG stainless steel tank. Cu (Copper) on the surface of stainless steel restrains respiratory process of bacteria. So, any harmful things doesn’t flow out from stainless steel water tank unlike plastic and it doesn't hurt the taste and keep.water fresh. Chemical treatment such as chlorine disinfection has been used for sterilizing source water or water purifier traditionally. Recently, LG developed the hygienic care solution which is really Eco-friendly with a sterilization kit that turns tap water into natural disinfectant by electrolysis method. The Sterilization Kit naturally creates sterilized water (hypochlorous acid) through electrolysis of the purified water. The water cleans and sterilizes inner parts including water tank thoroughly and comes out to the cock outlet. Electrolysis Sterilizing Care maintains water purifier hygienically by cleaning every water path line, the water tank and even cock outlet. LG water purifier has 2 in 1 filter system including UF filter system providing you one more water purifier which is called Fruit & Veggie cleaner. It is specialized in cleaning fruit and vegetable and even saves water. The secondary cooking valve is located on the side of the water purifier. Just connect the hose and use water.


Machine Features

Type of Water Purifier Storage Type
Storage Capacity 8 Litres
Installation Wall Mount / Desk Top

Methods of Purification

Number of Purification Stages 7 Stages
Filter Cartridges Outside Pre-Sediment, Sediment, Pre-Carbon, RO Filtration, Post-Carbon, Stainless Steel Water Tank, UV Circular Sterilizer
Pre-Filter Purification Yes
Silver-Impregnated Activated Carbon Purification Yes
Reverse Osmosis Yes

Exterior Features


Dimensions (W x D x H) 365x295x500
Weight 11.5 Kg

After Sales Service

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