Whirlpool Minerala 85

Whirlpool Minerala 85

  • Type of Water Purifier: Storage Type
  • Storage Capacity: 8.5 Litres
  • Number of Purification Stages: 7 Stages
  • Reverse Osmosis: Yes
  • Power Required: 16W

₹ 11,899/- onwards

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Summary of Whirlpool Minerala 85

Mineral Enrichment System: The MES ensures that the water you drink is enriched with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc. It also helps maintain optimum pH balance, giving you water that is tasty and healthy. The advanced 7-Stage Purification process not just removes visible and invisible impurities but also adds essential minerals that .Using a mineral enrichment system, it adds back minerals like calcium, magnesium etc to the purified water making it healthy. The revolutionary new range of Whirlpool RO Water Purifiers come with S.A.F.E (Silver AntiMicrobial Filtration Enhancer) which sees the use of the Unique Silver Impregnated Ceramic Cartridge that protects the stored water from microbial re-contamination. So that you get water that isn’t just pure, but stays pure for longer. Whirlpool RO Water Purifier is India’s first RO Water Purifier that comes with the WQA Gold Seal on all of its internal filters. Elite RO with MES has an elegant sliding front with child lock which ensures that the purifier is not mishandled by the children and hence no wastage of water.


Machine Features

Type of Water Purifier Storage Type
Storage Capacity 8.5 Litres

Methods of Purification

Number of Purification Stages 7 Stages
Filter Cartridges Pre-Filter, Plus Sediment Filter, Pre Carbon Filter, RO Membrane Filter, MES, S.A.F.E Filter (Silver Antimicrobial Filtration Enhancer)
Pre-Filter Purification Yes
Silver-Impregnated Activated Carbon Purification Yes
Reverse Osmosis Yes

Exterior Features

Power Requirement


Dimensions (W x D x H) 320x380x433
Weight 10.8

More Features

Other Features Mineral Enrichment System
-WQA Gold Seal
-Counter Top & Wall-Mount

After Sales Service

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