Zero B UltimateZero B Ultimate

Zero B Ultimate

  • Type of Water Purifier: Storage Type
  • Storage Capacity: 10 Litres
  • Number of Purification Stages: 7 Stages
  • Reverse Osmosis: Yes
  • Power Required: Yes, 30 Watts

₹ 16,777/- onwards

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Summary of Zero B Ultimate

Zero B Ultimate, Stage7 RO system. An RO system which is designed and manufactured to deliver the purest form of water. The only technology that doesn’t just remove bacteria and viruses but also eliminates pesticides, harmful chemicals, metals and dissolved salts. It comes from the stable of Ion Exchange (I) Ltd, pioneers and leaders in the arena of water treatment. A position which has been maintained over past four decades. The smart looking Zero B Ultimate offers you double safe pure drinking water. It uses Reverse Osmosis technology, which has been proven to be the most effective and complete water treatment process worldwide. In this process the booster pump applies pressure on water to make it pass through a semi permeable membrane with pores as small as 0.0001 micron. Purified water is collected through the permeate line and the impure water is flushed to drain. Zero B Ultimate removes excessive salts (Total Dissolved Salts) like calcium, magnesium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides and sulphates in water by 90 - 95 %. Besides reducing the level of salinity and brackishness in water, Zero B Ultimate also reduces harmful minerals like arsenic, fluoride and lead. It removes bacteria virus, cancer causing pesticides and other harmful chemicals. It has several unique features like indication that shows water level.


Machine Features

Type of Water Purifier Storage Type
Storage Capacity 10 Litres
Installation Table Top

Methods of Purification

Number of Purification Stages 7 Stages
Filter Cartridges QC Filter, Pre Filter, Sediment Filter, Bacteriostatic Activated Carbon Filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Back-up purifier (Resin carbon cartridge), Bacteriostatic Carbon Filter
Pre-Filter Purification Yes
Silver-Impregnated Activated Carbon Purification Yes
Reverse Osmosis Yes

Exterior Features

Material of Body Foodgrade Plastic
Colours Available Greyish White

Power Requirement

Power Required Yes, 30 Watts


Dimensions (W x D x H) 320x320x450
Weight 12 Kg

More Features

Other Features Auto Flush Timer
-Converts salty water to Pure, crystal clear, Natural tasting drinking water
-Removes excess Salts, Bacteria, Viruses, Pesticides, Harmful Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Color, Odor from water
-Gives Energized Water
-Fully Automatic Operations
-Automatic Tank Level Control
-Double Safety Purifier
-Over Voltage and Over Current Protection

After Sales Service

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